The Waitress, The Banker and The Doctor

This story is about three people linked together by generosity, faith, curiosity and food. The waitress happens to be our Marketing and Events Manager. Katherine Saunders. You may have met Katherine, a friendly, well mannered and forthright, young Englishwoman. She and her husband Braden were saving to make a special trip to England for her sister's wedding. Rather than 
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The Toughest Job in Franchising

Many years ago when I was a student sharing a house with a few friends, I had an experience that still resonates today. I was working part-time at a retail bakery chain and one of my housemates also worked full time with the bakery. One day he arrived home looking shell shocked. He had recently been promoted to a job that involved visiting stores and giving advice to s 
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Attributes For Success in Field Managers

Last year our team of psychologists did a study on 159 Australian Field Managers from 49 brands. Field managers have one of the most important but toughest roles - simultaneously driving franchisee performance and alignment to the brand. How well they do their job affects everyone because it impacts significantly on franchisee success and satisfaction. Our study a 
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