3rd Edition of Field Managers Guide Now Available

A new updated version of  the popular Franchisor's Guide to Improving Field Visits has been released. Since we first published the Guide in 2004, the team at FRI have continued to work with hundreds of field managers all over the world, listening carefully to their challenges and gathering their insights on what helps them to perform as well as they can in their important role. We have also continued to survey and interview franchisees - thousands of them - asking about how their field managers add value, and what would help to make their visits more useful. Many insights from our research have been incorporated into this third edition.

Here's the table of contents:

Profile of a great field manager
Are field visits a luxury or necessity?
Defining the field visit
The power of a trusting relationship
How field managers impact results
Five factors that make a difference to franchisees
The issue of field manager retention
What bothers field managers
What field managers love
Models of field support
Should field managers be able to run a franchise?
Maintaining a Growth Mindset
Defining the 8 Functions of the field manager's role
Field manager to franchisee ratios
Helping to improve franchisee performance
Reasons for ineffective field visits
The RAID model for a balanced visit
The six step process to effective visits
The role of unannounced field visits
Giving constructive feedback
Using NEMO to unstick conversations
Case study - “Unsticking Ben”
Measuring field manager effectiveness
101 tips to improve your field visits
Powerful coaching questions
High performance franchisee checklist
The six stages of the Franchise E-Factor

Copies of the third edition can be purchased from FRI's online bookshop.

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