Aussies and Yankies Unite with Waltzing Matilda

Eminent USA attorney, Rupert Barkoff from Kilpatrick Stockton, has created a tradition of hosting a gala (or should that be galah) Australian/USA dinner at the annual IFA Conventions. This year's event included a fascinating case study on American Land Rights, preceded by a song on Australian land rights! Kristen Sheehan from the FCA led a singalong of Waltzing Matilda.

Kristen Sheehan sings Waltzing Matilda accompanied by Greg Nathan on the dulcimer.

After the singalong (Kristen actually has an amazing voice) Kilpatrick Stockton's Managing Partner, Bill Dorris, shared a moving story of courage and determination over a Native American land rights case the firm had been fighting for 14 years! The plaintiff in the case was Elouise Cobell, a member of the Blackfeet tribe from Montana, in a claim that dates back to 1887 involving 11 million acres of land.

Just prior to the dinner, a precedent-setting settlement had been handed down in favour of the Blackfeet tribe for $3.4 billion, the largest of its kind in US history. Proceeds will be used to set up an educational fund for Native Americans.

It was an entertaining and fascinating evening thanks to the generosity of Rupert and his firm.

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