Building a Healthy Franchise Culture

Greg Nathan delivered a keynote address to the FCA’s Queensland Convention on the topic “Building a Healthy Franchise Culture — Are you Up to the Challenge?” The session drew on decades of psychological research into how the behaviour and expectations of leaders shape organisational cultures and how people are subconsciously influenced, for better or worse, by the cultures they find themselves in. He also warned of how easily it is for a franchise culture to go off the rails where franchisors and franchisees see each other as enemies rather than collaborators and suggested a number of practical methods for preventing this. Delegates all received a copy of FRI’s “Healthy Franchise Culture Survey” to enable them to evaluate their own organisational culture. Greg finished on the point: “Just as one bad apple can spoil a barrel, a bad barrel can also spoil a crop of good apples!” Food for thought.

“I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent presentation. I loved it.”

Chris Lowe, Chief Operating Officer, FCA Australia

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