Franchise Relations Clinic Rated Fun, Fast and Fantastic

A record number of attendees participated in our Franchise Relations Clinic, held at the front end of this year's IFA convention. And feedback has been fantastic.

The Franchise Relations Clinic class of 2010 still look surprisingly fresh after a full day’s learning.

This is the fourth time FRI has been involved in running this ICFE accredited program. It was an action packed day of fun and practical learning attended by around 60 franchisor executives.

"Attending your function in San Antonio and reading your works have been the best things I could do to boost my career and add more value to our Franchise.”

Omar Borrego, Chief Operating Officer, Knockouts

The Clinic focused on what franchisors need to know to build profitable parterships with their franchisees, especially during tough times and covered a broad range of topics including:

How to run engaging franchisee conferences and meetings; how to deliver effective field support; how to recruit better quality franchisees; how to get franchisee buy-in to new initiatives; and Greg's popular Franchise E-Factor model.

The Franchise Relations Clinic is in fact a cut down version of our exciting two day Profitable Partnerships Boot Camp, which will next be held in Denver on 25 and 26 May, 2010. For more details on the Profitable Partnerships Boot Camp go to:

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