Inspiring Young Psychologists to Drop the Jargon

One of our core values is to communicate simply and directly with clients. So it didn't take much encouragement to get our Managing Director, Greg Nathan, to agree to recently talk on the topic of how to avoid jargon to a group of 26 in-training organisational psychologists at the University of Queensland.

Greg presented a number of tips on how to write simply and clearly, including the suggestion they use stories to communicate ideas in an engaging way.

With this in mind he finished with the following story......

"I once sat in a hot, crowded hall for 3 hours listening spell bound as a 103 year old nurse from Singapore shared her philosophy of life. Sister Teresa was a single minded, energetic woman who had devoted her life to serving the elderly. She always got straight to the point. When someone asked her the secret to a long life, she recounted how the flight attendants had asked her the same question on the flight over. She was eating a packet of potato chips at the time, so she replied “Chips!” and they all laughed out loud.

“Ah” she continued with a twinkle in her eye. “That’s the real secret!”

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