A case study: The Nathan Profiler in practice

Let’s take an example of Mark, a franchise sales manager who has just received a franchise enquiry from Joan.

After asking some pre-qualifying questions related to Joan’s financial capability, Mark invites Joan to complete the next step in the recruitment process, the Information Request.

Joan completes the online Information Request

Mark logs into his secure Nathan Profiler Site and issues Joan an Information Request. She immediately receives a friendly email from Mark with a password, inviting her to complete the online form. A few hours later when Mark checks his emails, he an email from the system indicating Joan has completed the Information Request.

He logs into the system and reviews Joan’s Information Request Report. He learns she has three children aged between 15 and 21 and is a single parent. Also that she has a net worth of $530,000 and is wanting to buy a franchise so she can put her children through college and have some flexibility in her lifestyle. Joan is used to working long hours and has specific skills in sales and supervising people. Based on this and other details from the Report he invites her to complete the next stage of the process, a Self-Assessment Profile, issued with the click of a button. Again Joan receives an email with a password inviting her to complete the 10 minute Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Mark reviews Joan’s Self-Assessment questionnaire

The following morning Mark, who is on the road looking for new sites, is having a coffee at Starbucks and checking his emails. An email tells him Joan has completed the Questionnaire. He logs into the system and sees Joan’s detailed Self-Assessment Report which benchmarks her on 16 attributes likely to impact on her success. He now has a measure of how much Business Acumen she has, how she copes with pressure, how organised she is, and how confident she is in sales. He also learns she is not all that comfortable with technology and is low on energy.

The Final Check interview

As he finishes his coffee he phones her. He will be in her city later that week and they arrange to meet at the airport.

In the meeting Mark asks Joan a lot of specific questions, provided to him by the Final Check Interview Guide, which he accesses on his iPad. This means the meeting is focused and productive. The Interview Guide also has specific questions relating to Joan’s technology skills and energy levels. As she responds to his questions, he nods in a friendly way and makes some notes on his iPad.

An impression of thoroughness and professionalism

After the meeting Joan is impressed with the profesionalism and thoroughness of Mark’s process and tells him so. She comments that the other franchises she enquired about seemed more interested in getting a deposit from her than understanding her fit for their business model. She is keen to proceed. Mark says he will be in touch after reviewing his notes.

Before boarding his flight, Mark rates Joan’s responses using the special Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales on the Final Check. He also updates the Recruitment Checklist against her record. This lists every step in the recruitment process and is invaluable in helping him keep track on where he is at with each candidate. This helps him stay organised and gives him peace of mind, knowing nothing will be forgotten.

He then calls head office and speaks to Kate, his boss. He asks her to review Joan’s Reports so they can discuss these on his return. Kate logs into the Nathan Profiler system and in 10 minutes knows more about Joan’s suitability to become a franchisee than Joan knows about herself!

Based on the evidence, Mark and Kate decide to send Joan detailed documentation about the franchise. A few weeks later Joan attends a Discovery Day at head office where she meets the rest of the franchisor team who ask her selected questions from the Final Check Interview Guide.

As a result of her discussions with Mark during the selection process, Joan has had a medical check up and embarked on a lifestyle improvement program. She is responding well and her energy is improving. She has also agreed to undertake a technology skills course prior to commencing in her franchise.

The Nathan Profiler has assisted Mark and the franchisor team to efficiently review Joan’s suitability to their franchise. Joan is also impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the process and has been recommending her friends to contact Mark about the franchise opportunity.

Helping you to build a world-class franchise system

Our goal in developing the Nathan Profiler was to reduce the chances of unpleasant surprises surfacing about a franchisee once they are in your system.

Remember, franchisees are not your employees and you cannot just terminate your relationship if things are not working out for either of you. If what you have read here makes sense, we hope you will contact us for a live demonstration of the Nathan Profiler.

Our mission at the Franchise Relationships Institute is to help franchisors to build world-class franchise systems where they and their franchisees succeed together. And it all starts with quality franchisee selection.

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