An essential tool for every expanding franchise system

Multi-unit franchising is a popular method of growth for franchisors and franchisees.

However problems can quickly emerge if franchisees are not properly assessed and prepared. This tool uses an objective system to measure the readiness of existing franchisees to expand into additional units.

Based on research into the causes of success and failure in multi-unit franchisees, it assesses personal qualities, existing operations, proposed operations and financial capability. It then provides a detailed report with recommendations.

How does the Multi-Unit Diagnostic work?

Watch a video which shows how the Multi-Unit Diagnostic works

  • The proprietary diagnostic system ensures you measure everything relevant to a franchisee’s readiness to expand. Nothing is missed.
  • The system ensures objectivity so franchisees can't accuse you of acting unfairly in how you make your final decisions.
  • A detailed franchisee readiness profile delivers measurable findings and specific information on each franchisee's strengths and development needs.
  • A coaching report explains how to set up a constructive coaching conversation which addresses the exact areas a franchisee needs to work on.
  • Every aspect of the process is systematised making it consistent, professional and efficient.
  • As well as identifying red flags needing attention, it describes what best practice in multi-unit operations looks like, providing benchmarks to aim for.
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