Australian Franchise Excellence Research Report

By Greg Nathan
Number of pages: 118

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4 Reviews

Empirical insights into how to create successful and happy franchisees

The Australian Franchise Excellence Research Report contains findings from FRI’s Franchisee Success Study — a large, scientific study into what drives franchisee performance and satisfaction. It is based on rigorous data analysis on 1,852 Australian and New Zealand franchisees assessing how their backgrounds, lifestyle, work habits and personal characteristics impact on their success and satisfaction.

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  • Wire bound and printed in colour.
  • 118 pages divided into 14 chapters.
  • Over 100 figures and charts.
  • Benchmarks on Australian franchisee satisfaction.
  • Analyses of the impact of six industry types on performance and satisfaction.
  • Includes technical information on methodology.

4 reviews for Australian Franchise Excellence Research Report

  1. “A seminal body of work. Senior franchise leaders can use the insights in the report to help them understand their system’s strengths (and weaknesses) better. This report will ultimately became the benchmark for developing a model for top performing franchise systems.”

    Tony Iommazzo, General Manager—People, Wendy’s

  2. “FRI’s research has always been high quality and the Franchise Excellence Report is another great example. The work is extensive and the output prodigious. There are business-useful insights on just about every page. I commend it to all franchisors and advisers.”

    Steve Wright, CEO, Franchise Council of Australia

  3. “A mammoth research effort with significant implications for profiling, targeting, selecting, supporting, managing and leading franchisees. A monumental and valuable piece of work.”

    Dr Callum Floyd, Editor,

  4. “Hugely valuable. A must read for every franchisor and franchise executive. Those who read it will find different things to stimulate them and give them a new perspective on their own particular business. It could also have a huge impact on how franchisors recruit, lead and manage their franchisees. Our verdict? Buy it.”

    Simon Lord, Editor, Franchise New Zealand Magazine

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