In putting together our 2021 Learning Program, we have partnered with a limited number of reputable companies that deliver vital services to the franchising sector. Not only do these companies understand the nuances of franchising, they are committed to helping maintain franchising excellence by investing in best practice franchise education. We’re delighted to introduce you to them here.

The Marketing Lab

The power of a franchise brand lies in the collective knowledge of the network, and the ability to build economies of scale and take them to market—fast. We take this same theory, and apply it to marketing.

At The Marketing Lab, we believe that the best marketing outcomes are achieved by harnessing the knowledge and experience of all the stakeholders in a franchise network. By acting as a conduit between the franchisor and franchisee, and serving both within the one agency, we are uniquely positioned to deliver seamless marketing end to end. From partnering with franchisors to develop brand campaigns and marketing opportunities that extend the reach of the brand, to working with franchisees directly and translating grassroots ideas into tangible, on-brand marketing activity, there are very few who can do what we do, on the scale that we do it.

As a full service marketing agency, we create, deliver and execute across the full marketing mix for both franchisors and franchisees.

  • Media: billboards, OOH, radio, cinema, press, tv, digital
  • Planning: strategy, campaign, 90 day, launch
  • Creative: branding, concepts, graphic design, animation
  • Digital: social, web, apps, SEO, SEM
  • Research: local & territory plans, mystery shopping
  • Training: social, SEM, local area marketing
  • Events: activations, launches, conferences
  • Content: copywriting, curation, blogs, case studies, video


Kelli Ponting — +61 7 3088 3021

HR Central

HR Central was created when a gap was identified in the market that many franchisees and SMEs were without internal HR support. We could hardly believe that owners and managers were either handling it themselves or relying on staff, largely unqualified in HR, to juggle the many tasks that fall under the HR umbrella. Servicing Australia-wide, we are industry non-specific, and tailor every solution accordingly. We have an on-shore, in-house, Software and HR Specialist teams who are on call to service and advise our clients whenever they need our assistance. Our philosophy is based on partnership. We work hard to maintain a partner relationship with each and every franchise network and our solutions and services assist in compliance across the sector. With a strong HR focus, we watch with pleasure how our support can aid a business to flourish and grow, strengthening brand and reputation whilst building a cohesive, harmonious and positive internal culture.


Cath Grawe — +61 409 935 106

Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Analysis gathers, analyses and presents general and geographic market information. This information is used to assist Managers in the planning and implementation of more effective, efficient and profitable market strategies.

Spectrum was created through a growing need for more detailed market information within the Australian business community.  More than ever before, decision-makers in commerce and industry are demanding a higher standard of information, mapping and analysis with which to plan their operations.

Working in close contact with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Spectrum has brought together numerous sources of information that form our extensive marketing databases.

Despite its potential, data in its raw form is often meaningless to decision-makers. Analysis and communication of information play a large role in providing the complete solution.  Spectrum Analysis assures you that meaningful conclusions will be reached through the use of qualified statisticians implementing the most up-to-date analysis techniques.

From supplying and analysing market information to building complete predictive models, Spectrum Analysis has the resources to help you make more informed and profitable decisions.


Peter Buckingham – +61 411 604 921

Franchise Cloud Solutions

Franchise Cloud Solutions is an end-to-end franchising system with the capability to manage every possible function in your franchise.

Recognising that there are hundreds of expensive and clunky franchising IT systems being built and used in isolation, Franchise Cloud Solutions was developed by Brendan Green, CEO of franchisor Hire A Hubby, as a cost-effective and best practice industry solution. Brendan has over 20 years’ experience in franchising and is a Certified Franchise Executive with the Franchise Council of Australia.

As an out of the box solution, Franchise Cloud Solutions doesn’t attract the development expenses and ongoing maintenance costs of building a system yourself. As a Salesforce partner, Franchise Cloud Solutions takes care of all development and maintenance, enabling you to maintain your focus on your core business.

Franchise Cloud Solutions will enable you to improve franchisee retention and recruitment, provides you with better transparency over franchisee operations and simplifies franchisor compliance.

The system can replace all out-of-date and inefficient franchisor legacy systems with just one solution, but also connect those original systems that are still important to you.


Brendan Green — +61 413 444 481

H&R Block

H&R BLOCK is regarded as Australia’s leading provider of taxation services.

Established in Australia 1971, H&R Block prepares over 750,000 tax returns each year, operating out of a network of 470 geographically dispersed franchised and company owned offices with more than 3,000 staff.

For individuals, H&R Block provides 2 simple ways to lodge a tax return; which includes either visiting one of its offices to meet face-to-face with one of their tax consultants, or online using their DIY or Online-Tax-Advisor platforms.

For small businesses and franchisees, in addition to tax services (which includes tax planning and advice), H&R Block also provides accounting services ranging from entity set up (for companies, trusts, partnerships), to ongoing book-keeping, BAS, preparation of management accounts and financial statements plus business advice.


Russell Scott — +61 2 9479 6323

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