By Katrina Vo posted June 2, 2022

7 Strategies for Franchisees:

Set specific goals that motivate you and review them regularly.
Use your franchisor's expertise to help your business achieve its true potential.
Communicate concerns by focussing on your specific needs and solutions.
Commit to the business and take responsibility for its performance.
Enjoy your work and deal with everyone in a pleasant manner.
Support your brand - maintain high standards of presentation and standards.
Share ideas with other franchisees and participate in meetings and conferences.

7 Strategies for Franchisors:

Show strong leadership and be clear on your mission, values and goals.
Understand your franchisee's aspirations and provide them with useful support.
Communicate regularly with franchisees and consult with them on significant issues.
Commit quality time to listening to franchisees' ideas and concerns.
Enthuse others through your positive example and your "can do" attitude.
Stick to your commitments and be fair in your dealings.
Seek to improve franchisee profitability through constant innovation. There you have it. A practical, succinct summary of the strategies needed to create profitable partnerships where everyone makes money and enjoys working together to make a difference to the lives of customers.

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