Our Culture of Franchising Workshop is a practical, interactive professional development program designed to equip people in franchisor Support Office roles with the important skills they need to create happy franchisees.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for all franchisor staff who interact with franchisees in a Support Office context. This includes staff responding to franchisee requests as well as Divisional Heads, and executives responsible for HR, franchise relationships, engagement and organisational culture. (Note: While field consultants and area managers are welcome, we have other programs more targeted to this role.)

Why attend?

While senior executives and field managers are often exposed to training on how to manage the franchise relationship, most Support Office staff are left to work things out for themselves. Not surprisingly, they can sometimes find themselves baffled at how to deal with demanding and stressed franchisees. The Culture of Franchising Workshop will equip them with an understanding of what franchisees need, and how to deliver this in an effective, empathetic manner. Even your most seasoned franchisor staff will come away with new insights and skills to enhance franchisee satisfaction. Now is the perfect time to invest in this type of training because franchisees require quality support more than ever.

How is it conducted?

The Culture of Franchising workshop is conveniently conducted over two separate two-hour sessions using the Zoom platform. Participants are expected to engage fully with their camera and microphone on. There is also a personal reflection exercise to be completed between sessions. Sessions includes presentation of concepts, and breakout discussion groups. Participants are encouraged to maintain an action learning plan that captures key insights and commitments. Places are limited to maintain an interactive, high-quality learning environment.

What will I learn?

Participants in the Culture of Franchising Workshop learn the following:

  • What motivates franchisees and what they want from a franchisor support team
  • The various stages of the franchisee lifecycle and what they need at each stage
  • The three legs of a healthy franchise relationship
  • The psychology of franchisee engagement and how to prevent defensiveness
  • Tips for diffusing difficult situations and conversations
  • Dispelling common myths about the franchise relationship
  • Common mistakes that frustrate franchisees and how to avoid them
  • How to provide appropriate emotional support to distressed franchisees
  • How to improve collaboration with other departments to improve job satisfaction

As part of the program participants also receive:

  • FRI’s unique ACE Franchising Culture Diagnostic report
  • A Learning Journal for recording notes, which also contains models, reference materials and additional resources
The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Culture of Franchising workshop as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 80 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.

Who leads the program?

The workshop is led by Greg Nathan, Founder of FRI, experienced facilitator with deep, real-world knowledge of how to effectively support franchisees.

Are you a supplier?

FRI events have been developed for current members of franchisor teams and we reserve our right to limit places to these people. We do provide the opportunity for suppliers of the franchising sector to participate through program partnerships. If this is of interest, please get in touch.

Participant Feedback on the Event

"Learning how the life cycle of the franchisee really opened my eyes to how and why the business owner is acting as they are and how I can help assist them asap. "
"I like the fact that Summary notes are provided post event. The interaction with others is also a big benefit. It is relevant and relatable content, can be applied and a good delivery format. "
"The facilitated explanations and real examples given in each topic. Good value and well timed. "
"Found the content interesting and it showed different aspects in dealing with Franchisees. Will be using the E-Factor and taking into consideration where the different Licensees are at. "

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