As a franchisor, we understand you need a fresh stream of motivated franchisees to help grow your network.

Previously known as the Nathan Profiler, FranchiseLab is a dynamic partnership of business psychologists (FRI) and digital technology experts (DX Labs) who continue to develop fresh assessment solutions that help franchisors build strong, sustainable franchise networks.

FranchiseLab is a scientifically validated, intuitive digital platform enabling franchisors to recruit and develop successful franchisees. An online platform used by many top franchisors to help them recruit quality franchisees, it ensures there are no unpleasant surprises in relation to the people they allow into their franchise network.

Using a series of carefully designed questionnaires and checklists, the system gathers everything you need to know about your candidates, and pulls this together in easy to understand reports. This saves everyone time and enables you to make objective, well-informed decisions on who does, and doesn’t, join your franchise network.

As with all FRI’s tools, the FranchiseLab has been developed from extensive research by business psychologists, and measures the factors known to impact franchisee success and failure.

The FranchiseLab is not just for recruitment executives. It is also loved by operations and training executives because it helps them to do their job more effectively. It even has a tool for assessing the readiness of existing franchisees to expand into multi-unit operations.

A modest yearly license fee, based on the number of assessments, makes the system highly affordable for all sized franchise networks.

When you consider the benefits of recruiting quality franchisees, and the opportunities that are regularly lost through inefficient processes, can you afford not to have a system like this?

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What is FranchiseLab?

An assessment tool developed by psychologists and digital technology experts based on the scientific research of thousands of franchisees, designed to identify the unique factors that drive success and satisfaction. This system will help you make well-informed decisions about the future of your franchisees.

The FranchiseLab uses the following key tools to assess your candidates:

Information Request: Gathers relevant background information; the ultimate application form. It immediately collates everything you need to know about a potential franchisee’s background, expectations, legal position, family situation, and financial capability. You’ll also be alerted to any “red flags” deserving closer attention.

Self-Assessment: Creates benchmarked success profiles. Profile your candidates on 16 attributes identified through rigorous research to predict franchisee performance. After candidates complete the online questionnaire, they are automatically benchmarked against a franchisee database and a profile generated of their specific strengths and development needs.

Additional tools due for final development in the coming months will include:

Final Check: Helps you conduct structured interviews. Provides you with a professional interview guide with questions to ask each candidate. It also enables you to objectively rate their responses and automatically converts these into a user-friendly report. This ensures nothing is overlooked and there is consistency in how candidates are assessed.

Recruitment Checklist: Maintains administrative compliance. Keeps track of every step in the recruitment process, ensures all important actions are completed and helps your team maintain legal and administrative compliance.

What our clients say about our Recruitment Tools


"If you are looking for a system to put you on the right track and the right mindset, FRI are very good to help you get there. "
Tony Harrison, National Training Manager, Bob Jane T-Marts
"We have been using the Nathan Profiler for nearly 10 years and it is a fantastic tool for us when recruiting new franchisees. It provides detailed information that helps us identify candidate suitability for our business, whilst also highlighting key areas of development that we work on with them once they come on board. Highly recommend this for any franchise system that is serious about franchise recruitment."
Matthew Whyte, Head of Distribution Growth, Aussie
"All the process from first call to implementation is slick and well drilled. A credit to FRI’s professionalism - very happy with the training as well. "
Andrew Lyme, Franchise Recruitment Manager, Just Better Care

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