As you review the backgrounds of our talented team, you’ll see they come from a mixture of psychological science and franchising practice. In addition to their professional training and experience, you’ll also find a refreshing quality of genuine commitment, care and enthusiasm for the work they do.

Greg Nathan

Founder and Director

Greg is a business psychologist and has been recognised globally for his pioneering educational and research work to support the franchising sector. He is the recipient of the Franchise Council of Australia’s (FCA) inaugural National Contribution to Franchising Award, an inductee into the FCA Franchising Hall of Fame, and recipient of the International Franchising Association’s (IFA) Crystal Compass Award for Outstanding Leadership in Franchising. Greg is a dynamic educator and is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at franchise sector conferences around the world. He brings a pragmatic perspective to his presentations, having been a multi-unit franchisee and a senior franchisor executive. Greg is also the author of five best-selling franchising books, including Profitable Partnerships, and has developed a number of groundbreaking models such as The Franchise E-Factor.

As Greg is a passionate blues musician and collector of stringed instruments, he often finds ways to incorporate a bit of music into his educational sessions.

John Cooksey

John’s background in franchising, consulting and psychology make him an ideal CEO for FRI. In addition to his international leadership experience with Yum! Brands, KFC and Pepsico, he is a qualified performance psychologist and has been a senior consultant with the Gartner Group. John also understands the challenges of small business having started a number of businesses in healthcare and recruitment.
While John is a hell of a nice guy, we are careful not to get on his bad side as he has a black belt in Martial Arts!

Katrina Vo

Business Manager

Kat is our go-to girl for all aspects of the business, especially our IT systems, and heads up the Nathan Profiler team. As with many of the FRI team, Kat has an undergraduate degree in psychology and is nicely grounded in her approach to work and life due to her real-world experience helping her family with various businesses from a young age. You’ll find her a delight to work with.

When Kat is not busy keeping our systems humming, you’ll find her enjoying fine food or putting her natural planning skills to work organising sports activities for her friends.

Kelley Matson

Education Manager

Kelley has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is an experienced executive who has worked in senior franchise operations and training roles with several large multinational franchise companies. Kelley understands franchising inside out, and is a skilled presenter and facilitator who delivers creative and motivating learning experiences for both franchisor and franchisee audiences.

Ree-Anna Chatman

Psychologist and Client Relationship Manager

Ree-Anna is a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with hundreds of franchise brands. She has a deep insight into what drives healthy franchise relationships, and is an engaging facilitator with a knack of connecting with both franchisor and franchisee audiences. Ree-Anna ensures the needs of our clients are properly understood and that we have all bases covered.

Speaking of bases, Ree-Anna is also a State Level Softball Coach with a keen interest in applying the principles of sports psychology to business success.

Sarah Furlong

Psychologist and Client Engagement Manager

Sarah has a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Her previous experience involves running strategic HR projects in Fitness and Telecommunication industries, driving change and coaching leaders in communication skills. She is focused, determined and gets things done. She also gets small business, having grown up helping her mum and dad run their 7-day a week milk bar in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

She is also passionate about gender equility in leadership and sits on the research committee for the not-for-profit 100% Project.

Daniela Koulikov

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Daniela is FRI’s Marketing & Events Coordinator. Before joining us, Daniela was writing profiles on rock bands for music magazines, completing her Bachelor of International Relations and Human Rights and studying marketing in France. Now she’s organising our marketing and events so we can more effectively keep in touch and support your professional development.

Daniela is passionate about environmental and animal rights. When she’s not thinking about better ways to make a difference for our clients, you’ll find her walking her Westie or painting a Studio Ghibli inspired landscape.

You can find her on LinkedIn.

Darian Hargreaves

Survey Specialist

Darian works with our Survey team making sense of the extensive amount of data we collect, and helping to create useful reports for our clients. He has an undergraduate degree in statistics and business information systems, and is an experienced market research analyst.

Darian is a passionate sportsman who enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and even popping an ollie at the skate park.

James Eracleous

Provisional Psychologist
James is a Provisional Psychologist and works with our Survey team. James completed his undergraduate degrees majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychological Science (Honours) and is currently pursuing a Masters of Organisational Psychology. We think his research project is a bit of a joke because he is exploring the effective use of humour in leadership.
In his spare time, James enjoys providing volunteer first aid at a range of community events, where he has considerable experience in prehospital emergency management. James is also an avid Star Wars fan, often sliding subtle references into everyday conversation.

Ann Nathan

Publications Director

Ann has a degree in English literature and for many years worked as a Research Fellow at Monash University’s Department of Higher Education. Ann oversees the dispatch of our publications, so if you are ordering books, chances are she will be looking after you.

Ann is the wife of our Founder, and loves to contemplate and complete crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.

Christine (Tindi) Kithu

Consulting Assistant

Christine (Tindi) works alongside Greg Nathan as his assistant. Tindi has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and has had extensive training experience in qualitative and quantitative psychological research. She looks to further build on her research experience at FRI and in the franchising sector.

Tindi is a passionate golfer and enjoys cooking recipes of foods from around the world.

Adrian Sunners and Kas Apostolidis

Finance Managers

Adrian and Kas are our finance guys who keep the cash flow running and ensure we stay on top of our numbers. We contract their services through their business, FinData.

We are also grateful to have the following people as part of our extended team of advisors and consultants:

Dr Gavin Didsbury and the team at Psych Press help to keep our Nathan Profiler and various franchise assessment tools up to date and reliably humming along.

Dr Stacey Parker, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology, helps us ensure our research is maintained at world-class standards.

Michael Burke, our accountant from Burke Advisory Chartered Accountants, ensures our financial and tax affairs are kept in tip-top shape.

Professor Chris Jackson, an international expert in the design and use of psychological tests, works with our R&D team on the development and validation of our assessment products.

Simon Fifield, Founder of Starting Block Lawyers, who’s got our back when it comes to our legal and Intellectual Property needs.

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