As you review the backgrounds of our talented team, you’ll see they come from a mixture of psychological science and franchising practice. In addition to their professional training and experience, you’ll also find a refreshing quality of genuine commitment, care and enthusiasm for the work they do.

Greg Nathan

Founder and Director

Greg is a business psychologist and has been recognised globally for his pioneering educational and research work to support the franchising sector. He is the recipient of the Franchise Council of Australia’s (FCA) inaugural National Contribution to Franchising Award, an inductee into the FCA Franchising Hall of Fame, and recipient of the International Franchising Association’s (IFA) Crystal Compass Award for Outstanding Leadership in Franchising. Greg is a dynamic educator and is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at franchise sector conferences around the world. He brings a pragmatic perspective to his presentations, having been a multi-unit franchisee and a senior franchisor executive. Greg is also the author of five best-selling franchising books, including Profitable Partnerships, and has developed a number of groundbreaking models such as The Franchise E-Factor.

As Greg is a passionate blues musician and collector of stringed instruments, he often finds ways to incorporate a bit of music into his educational sessions.

Terri Benson

Business Manager

Terri has extensive experience in the franchising industry, having spent the majority of her working years in this field. Her expertise spans both sides of the franchise spectrum, having owned a franchised real estate business and worked for a franchisor in the building industry. With a bachelor’s degree in business (Accounting), she has held various roles covering finance, legal, and event planning and execution for conferences across the USA, NZ, and Australia. Terri understands firsthand the critical role that the franchisee-franchisor relationship plays in achieving success in this industry.

Terri’s hobbies include globe-trotting, gyming, grooving to live music, strolling on the beach, and savoring delicious meals with friends. She’s always up for a good time and great company!

Ree-Anna Chatman

Psychologist and Client Relationship Manager

Ree-Anna is a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with hundreds of franchise brands. She has a deep insight into what drives healthy franchise relationships, and is an engaging facilitator with a knack of connecting with both franchisor and franchisee audiences. Ree-Anna ensures the needs of our clients are properly understood and that we have all bases covered.

Speaking of bases, Ree-Anna is also a State Level Softball Coach with a keen interest in applying the principles of sports psychology to business success.

Dr Nicole Simpson

R&D Consultant

Nicole is one of the longest long-standing members of the FRI team, and has worked across all areas of the business. After completing her honours degree in psychology, she decided to pursue a career in medicine and is now also a qualified medical practitioner. Nicole puts her big brain to work helping our Founder to improve our various assessment tools and training programs.

Nic is also an accomplished musician who plays the French Horn in various orchestras and bands.

Ann Nathan

Publications Director

Ann has a degree in English literature and for many years worked as a Research Fellow at Monash University’s Department of Higher Education. Ann oversees the dispatch of our publications, so if you are ordering books, chances are she will be looking after you.

Ann is the wife of our Founder, and loves to contemplate and complete crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.

Anneliese Lomboy

Team Assistant

Anneliese is a Philippine-based Virtual Assistant with extensive work experience in various administration, sales, marketing, and project management roles. She has been a VA since graduating from university in 2011 and has served as editor-in-chief in their official university publication.

Anne is passionate about the important link between communication and psychology and how it resolves conflict with others and oneself. She is looking to earn further studies in the field while exposing herself to a vast learning opportunity at FRI.

Adrian Sunners and Kas Apostolidis

Finance Managers

Adrian and Kas are our finance guys who keep the cash flow running and ensure we stay on top of our numbers. We contract their services through their business, FinData.

We are also grateful to have the following people as part of our extended team of advisors and consultants:

Dr Gavin Didsbury and the team at Psych Press help to keep our Nathan Profiler and various franchise assessment tools up to date and reliably humming along.

Dr Stacey Parker, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology, helps us ensure our research is maintained at world-class standards.

Michael Burke, our accountant from Burke Advisory Chartered Accountants, ensures our financial and tax affairs are kept in tip-top shape.

Professor Chris Jackson, an international expert in the design and use of psychological tests, works with our R&D team on the development and validation of our assessment products.

Simon Fifield, Founder of Starting Block Lawyers, who’s got our back when it comes to our legal and Intellectual Property needs.

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