Are you part of a franchisor team that is launching an important innovation or change, and you need franchisee buy-in to make this a success? If so, this workshop will provide you with proven techniques and processes to gain franchisee commitment and support.

Who should attend?

Any franchisor executive charged with influencing franchisees to adopt important new initiatives will benefit greatly from this workshop. This includes senior leaders, heads of departments, members of project teams, and field consultants.

Why attend?

Franchisors increasingly need to roll out new initiatives so their networks can remain successful and competitive. Yet franchisees will often resist, especially if they are being asked to think differently or invest significant time or money. This workshop will equip you with the tools and skills to engage and communicate with franchisees in a way that gains their full commitment and support, so you can achieve your vision for success.

How is it conducted?

This workshop is conducted live over two separate 2.5-hour sessions on the Zoom platform one week apart. Participants are encouraged to bring real change initiatives they are involved with. The workshop is highly interactive and practical, and teaches proven techniques and processes, based on franchising and psychological research. Plenty of time is devoted to small group discussions and reflection to bring the learning to life. Places are limited to allow for individual coaching and to maintain a high-quality learning environment.

What will I learn?

Through presentations, discussion and reflection, you will learn the following:

    • Important psychological insights on what drives franchisee commitment and engagement, and how to apply these.
    • How different types of change affect the brain, and why franchisors and franchisees often see the same change in different ways.
    • How to face resistance and lead unpopular changes in a calm, courageous and confident manner.
    • Why certain types of change provoke greater resistance, and how to quickly move franchisees from defensiveness to acceptance and engagement.
    • The most common and costly mistakes franchisors make when introducing change, and how to avoid these.
    • How to maintain a culture of positive engagement and prevent systemic stress during periods of uncertainty and upheaval.
    • How to address franchisee concerns in an open and constructive manner, and have difficult conversations that avoid unnecessary conflict.
    • The nine evidence-based principles behind FRI’s new FRANCHISE Change Model, along with proven tools and processes to implement these.

As part of the program participants also receive:

  •  a Learning Journal with reference materials and reflection exercises to record their insights.

Who leads the program?

The workshop is led by Greg Nathan, a business psychologist, best-selling author, and Founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute. Greg has developed many popular franchising models, such as The Franchise E-Factor, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers and educators in the global franchising sector.

Are you a supplier?

FRI events have been developed for current members of franchisor teams and we reserve our right to limit places to these people. We do provide the opportunity for suppliers of the franchising sector to participate through program partnerships. If this is of interest, please get in touch.

Participant Feedback on the Event

"Great insights and highly practical with useful frameworks to help us better manage change."
"An efficient and effective session with specific tools we can use with current changes."
"Great engagement, and the content was precise and relevant."
"A very informative, engaging, relevant workshop which was easy to absorb."
"Very engaging with a perfect level of theory and peer to peer interaction and learning."
"Great group discussions and lots of information I can immediately utilize."
"Loved the way we applied the principles to a real change project with real world examples."
"An awesome course. We all wanted more."
"Loved the interaction and content. Will help with successful delivery of our future projects."
"Was just what I needed at this stage in my project. Came away with practical ideas on how I can make our change program better. "

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