Why Our Workshops Are Rated So Highly

Franchisees trust us. They listen with an open mind because we understand what’s important to them, have no barrow to push, and use real examples they can relate to.

Participants appreciate our material. They lean into what we have to say because our content is original, cutting edge and backed up by solid research with hundreds of franchise networks.

Our sessions are interactive. Our sessions are delivered by dynamic presenters, using thought-provoking activities and advanced facilitation techniques that bring the learning to life.

We customise to fit your business. We take great care to understand the concepts, language and issues important to your business so we can keep things meaningful and relevant to participants.

Learning is reinforced through handouts. Participants record their insights on handouts which contain key concepts and give them something tangible to take away and review.

We don’t just cut and run. We understand that the most important work is often done through informal interactions so we like to fully participate in your conference as much as possible.

Virtual Events

Many franchise networks have now transitioned their conferences and meetings to virtual formats. Please be assured that FRI are highly experienced in delivering outstanding virtual sessions for both franchisee and franchisor audiences. We have been doing this for years. We can also support you in designing the agenda of your virtual meetings, so they keep everyone fully engaged.

Building Profitable Partnerships

This popular presentation highlights the importance of collaboration and trust for mutual success in franchising. It shows franchisees and franchisor teams how to create a positive, united culture and explains the unique responsibilities of each party. Franchisees also learn how to resolve differences in a constructive manner and make the most from being part of a franchise network.

The Franchisee Wheel of Excellence

This interactive session shows franchisees how to achieve greater success and satisfaction, based on FRI’s research on thousands of franchisees. We explain the science behind each of the Wheel’s five pieces – Build Supporters; Engage with the Brand; Drive Growth; Maintain Personal Vitality; and Master What Matters – and then engage them in practical activities to help them bring their new insights to life.

The Franchisee Business Journey

All franchisees travel through a business journey, starting with the excitement of new learning, followed by the struggle to get established, the satisfaction of achieving growth, the complacency of maturity, and the challenge of renewal. We explain these stages and show franchisees how to remain fresh and growing. This session is particularly useful for established networks with franchisees of five or more years tenure.

Franchisees in the Hot Seat

While franchisee panels are a great way to share best practice and success tips, there is a science to setting up and facilitating an effective panel that keeps an audience engaged. We are highly experienced in preparing panelists and providing targeted questions to bring the best out of them. We also facilitate active audience participation and summarise the important themes to emerge, so everyone has a great experience.

The Psychology of Positive Mental Health and Resilience

Given the stress everyone is under, and that FRI are experts in the psychology of franchising, this has become one of our most popular interactive presentations. Your whole franchise network will thank you for providing this practical session on how to keep your work and home relationships healthy; how to maintain calm with high levels of wellbeing under pressure; and how to keep yourself and those you lead feeling optimistic about the future.

Make an enquiry

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International bookings

Sessions in North America should be directed to Katrina Mitchell at SPEAK!

t: +1 720 304 3710
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w: https://www.franchisespeakers.com

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