As part of our mission to make a positive difference to the franchising sector, the FRI team are constantly engaging with the global franchising community and summarising important trends. These Positive Franchising Updates contain our insights, tips and research findings on how franchisors can create profitable partnerships.



How Can Franchisors Help Franchisees Be Successful?

16 September 2021
What is success? Based on our work with tens of thousands of franchisees, while money is important, many also see success as making a difference in their local communities, working with their … Continue reading How Can Franchisors Help Franchisees Be Successful?

Should Franchisors Reward Franchisees?

2 September 2021
A question franchisors often ask is whether it is necessary to reward and recognise franchisees, given they’re intrinsically rewarded by running their own business and keeping the profits. Our answer is, from … Continue reading Should Franchisors Reward Franchisees?

Leading Franchisees in a VUCA world

19 August 2021
In the early 90s, the US military came up with an acronym known as VUCA, referring to situations characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Today, more than ever before, franchisor leaders … Continue reading Leading Franchisees in a VUCA world

How to Support Franchisees at Different Stages

4 August 2021
When you grant a franchise, you are entering into a long-term interdependent business relationship, averaging 7 years. (One franchise network we recently surveyed has an average franchisee tenure of 20 years.)

Secrets to Great First Meetings with Franchisees

22 July 2021
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It may be a cliche, but it's true. This applies to initial contact with prospective franchisee, first meetings between field managers and franchisees, and senior executives meeting franchisees for the first time.

The 40:60 Rule for Successful Franchise Meetings

25 June 2021
An important question we are often asked by franchisors, is how to make franchisee meetings and events more engaging. This includes virtual meetings, which continue to be the norm. Our first suggestion is to adopt the 40:60 rule, where franchisees are doing around 40% of the talking.

7 Strategies to Support Mature Franchisees

10 June 2021
Have you ever wondered why longer tenured franchisees can be wary of new franchisor executives bearing great ideas?

The Power of the Personal Factor

28 May 2021
For a franchisee, business and personal life often blend together. While there are downsides to this, the upside is the commitment they bring to looking after their staff and their customers.

Improving Franchise Communications

14 May 2021
Are franchisors improving how well they communicate with franchisees? If we define this in terms of sharing information, the answer is yes.

How to Avoid the Hidden Pandemic Threat – Languishing

29 April 2021
Feeling a little empty? Finding it hard to focus, or get going? You might be experiencing the latest COVID-related syndrome. It's called languishing.

How Franchisor Leaders Can Improve Their Thinking

14 April 2021
We reckon clear thinking is particularly important right now because franchise leaders need to both maintain strategic clarity, and build the confidence of their people in the midst of uncertainty and tight budgets.

9 Ways To Help Franchisees Reinvent Themselves

19 March 2021
As businesses continue to experience uncertainty and upheaval to a greater or lesser extent, depending on industry types and local conditions, franchisors are working hard to help their franchisees adapt and stay relevant.

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