As part of our mission to make a positive difference to the franchising sector the FRI team are constantly engaging with the franchising community – hosting events, contributing to global franchising conferences, and conducting ongoing research programs.

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The power of the personal factor

28 May 2021
For a franchisee, business and personal life often blend together. While there are downsides to this, the upside is the commitment they bring to looking after their staff and their customers.

How to avoid the hidden pandemic threat – languishing

29 April 2021
Feeling a little empty? Finding it hard to focus, or get going? You might be experiencing the latest COVID-related syndrome. It's called languishing.

How franchisor leaders can improve their thinking

14 April 2021
We reckon clear thinking is particularly important right now because franchise leaders need to both maintain strategic clarity, and build the confidence of their people in the midst of uncertainty and tight budgets.

Thank you and please stay safe

1 April 2021
For many, the Easter period is a time for reflection and renewal, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite tips for enhancing personal vitality.

9 ways to help franchisees reinvent themselves

19 March 2021
As businesses continue to experience uncertainty and upheaval to a greater or lesser extent, depending on industry types and local conditions, franchisors are working hard to help their franchisees adapt and stay relevant.

10 ways to improve franchisee commitment to action

9 March 2021
Franchising is all about commitment – being dedicated to a mutually beneficial relationship, making a long-term investment in a business, being loyal to a brand, and doing what you say. In this Positive Franchising Update, we share new data on why franchisees do or don’t want to commit to staying and investing in your network. We also share 10 practical … Continue reading 10 ways to improve franchisee commitment to action

11 ways to improve field visits

19 February 2021
This week 40 field consultants and operations managers from around the world came together to learn, share and be inspired in a Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp. It is a buzz to see how enjoyable and useful these virtual sessions are. Keep reading for our latest franchising fact on how COVID is impacting on franchisee mental health, and 11 … Continue reading 11 ways to improve field visits

7 ways to keep franchisees optimistic

5 February 2021
We are delighted to welcome John Cooksey to the FRI team as our new CEO. John will work with our Founder, Greg Nathan, to continue FRI’s important work fostering the creation of profitable partnerships in the global franchising sector. John’s background in international franchising with Yum! Brands, and his psychology qualifications make him an ideal fit … Continue reading 7 ways to keep franchisees optimistic

7 ways to reduce franchisee stress

22 January 2021
To help your team start the year in a focused and confident manner, we are offering two highly practical events this month:1. Free webinar for franchisor executives on Creating Happy Franchisees, (repeated by popular demand), providing a range of evidence-based insights and strategies.2. Culture of Franchising workshop, to equip your Head Office team with the knowledge and skills to provide … Continue reading 7 ways to reduce franchisee stress

10 Tips for Managing Unhappy Franchisees

17 November 2020
The Franchise E-Factor has recently been a popular topic in our franchisor training programs. Developed by FRI’s Founder, Greg Nathan, the model describes six stages franchisees move through in their relationship with their franchisor, starting with GLEE where they put the franchisor on a pedestal. The FEE stage involves questioning the value they get for … Continue reading 10 Tips for Managing Unhappy Franchisees

How to deliver engaging virtual forums

10 November 2020
In 2010, we transitioned to a virtual business. This means the FRI team have been working from home for some time. So when much of the world was forced to go virtual in March, we were able to apply what we’d learned and quickly transition away from our face to face training. Over these past seven crazy months, we’ve conducted 146 virtual programs, ranging from … Continue reading How to deliver engaging virtual forums

What 100 leaders told us their franchisees want

12 October 2020
Last week Greg Nathan and the FRI team conducted a Franchisor Excellence Masterclass for 100 C-Level franchisor executives throughout South East Asia. As well the big brands such as McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and BNI, leaders of a number of healthy, growing networks participated.  As part of the program, we put the following question to them: “If you were to ask … Continue reading What 100 leaders told us their franchisees want

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