As part of our mission to make a positive difference to the franchising sector, the FRI team are constantly engaging with the global franchising community and summarising important trends. These Positive Franchising Updates contain our insights, tips and research findings on how franchisors can create profitable partnerships.



How to get franchisee buy-in to change

20 December 2022
These tips were collated from discussions by seasoned franchisor executives at FRI's recent Franchisor Executive Forum in Melbourne.

8 strategies to create an optimistic culture

28 October 2022
Greg Nathan's presentation at the Franchisor Executive Forum on How to Create an Optimistic Franchising Culture generated a lot of interest. He shared data from thousands of ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys, which measures the extent to which franchisees are advocates for your franchise...

How to not bore people to death

6 October 2022
A highlight of the recent Franchisor Executive Forum was the quality of the round table discussions. We are often asked how we generate such high levels of engagement. With face-to-face meetings coming back, we thought we'd share our 10 strategies.

How to prevent your Franchise Advisory Council from going off the rails

16 September 2022
Franchise Advisory Councils are a great way to engage franchisees and benefit from their practical insights and experience. Here are seven tips to prevent these unintended consequences, based on discussions with senior franchisor executives at a past FRI Forum.

Bringing More Bounce to Your Franchising Culture

31 August 2022
FRI's Founder, Greg Nathan, gave away three hopper balls... at the recent Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) Conference. The session was filled with practical tips for creating a positive, high-performance culture...

Five Franchisor Behaviours that Undermine Trust

31 August 2022
Our research team have reviewed comments from over 1,500 franchisees who did not believe their franchisor was trustworthy in its dealings. Here's what the data tells us are the five most frequently mentioned causes of mistrust by franchisees...

The Six Hot Franchising Trends and How to Address Them

12 August 2022
The following six trends have emerged from our research listening to senior franchisor leaders. We hope these stimulate constructive discussions within your franchisor team.

How to Maintain Resilience and Positivity

8 July 2022
These 14 practical tips came from a group of Vision Personal Training franchise partners (pictured above) who workshopped the question, “What helps to maintain resilience and positivity when running a business?” While meant for franchisees, these suggestions are relevant to all of us! #1. Identify and celebrate your successes and wins each week, no matter … Continue reading How to Maintain Resilience and Positivity

14 Tips That Drive Franchisee and Franchisor Success

2 June 2022
Each card contains fourteen powerful strategies that create profitable partnerships — seven for franchisors on one side and seven for franchisees on the other.

7 Ways to Reduce Franchisee Stress

13 May 2022
A taste of what you’ll learn in the Culture of Franchising workshop.  These 7 tips come from the session on creating an ACE Mindset, part of our Culture of Franchising Workshop. The ACE Mindset is where franchisees are Advocates for your franchise, Committed to investing back into their business, and Engaged in supporting your strategies. … Continue reading 7 Ways to Reduce Franchisee Stress

Next Evolution In Franchise Meetings

1 April 2022
Yes, the pandemic has been a headache, but it has also provided some amazing opportunities to improve communication and productivity. One of these is the widespread adoption of virtual and blended meetings and events. As you may know, FRI vigorously embraced Zoom and we pivoted our popular workshops into virtual formats with phenomenal results. This not only … Continue reading Next Evolution In Franchise Meetings

Franchisee Crisis Support Kit

28 February 2022
One of a franchisor’s most important responsibilities is to deliver useful and relevant support to their franchisees, particularly in times of crisis. Unfortunately mother nature continues to test us. Recent floods in Queensland and Northern NSW will once again require franchisors and franchisees to reach out to people who have suffered loss or trauma. With this … Continue reading Franchisee Crisis Support Kit

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