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7 Strategies to Enhance the Growth Mindset

6 February 2024
There's nothing new in the ideal of striving to be the best we can be. The most popular iteration of this concept is the Growth Mindset, coined by educational psychologist, Professor Carol Dweck. 

11 Strategies to Beat the Recovery Paradox

20 December 2023
It's been a big year for many people in business who are now looking forward to using the end-of-year break to recover. However, psychologists have identified a “recovery paradox” when it comes to using downtime to recover from stress at work.

Supporting Franchisees Through Their Business Journey

5 December 2023
A common mistake made by many franchisor teams is to provide the same type of support to all franchisees.

11 Strategic Trends for Franchisors to Consider

10 November 2023
Over the past few weeks, FRI's Founder, Greg Nathan, has been facilitating discussions with franchisor executives on trends impacting their networks.

Managing the Franchisee Emotional Journey.

18 September 2023
Greg Nathan's Franchise E-Factor is a popular model that explains the psychological stages of interdependent relationships. This is where you can't just walk away when things aren't going as you would like. We teach this to both franchisees and franchisor executives, and it is always popular because it resonates with people's experience.

10 Tips to Improve Conversations with Franchisees

26 July 2023
Greg Nathan's best-selling book, The Franchisor's Guide to Improving Field Visits, includes a 6-step process for structuring visits with franchisees. One of the steps, Nitty-Gritty, is where meaningful conversations should take place. Here are 10 tips to improve the effectiveness of these conversations.

Coping With Change Compression

16 June 2023
"Don't go changing...I want you just the way you are." So sang Billy Joel in the 1970s. Not so in the 2020s! In a keynote address to Australia's National Franchise Convention, Greg Nathan spoke about the change compression today that's creating so much angst for franchisors and franchisees.

The Best KPIs to Improve Franchisee Success

26 April 2023
The best franchisor teams maintain their focus on helping franchisees to succeed. Here are 15 KPIs that participants in our most recent Bootcamp use to keep their franchisees focused on the things that matter.

10 pearls of wisdom to improve the value of field visits

24 March 2023
Last month FRI's Founder, Greg Nathan, spoke with 60 franchise executives from the New England Franchise Association on how to improve the effectiveness of field visits. As part of the session, people shared a pearl of wisdom they'd love to pass on to a new field manager.

28 do’s and don’ts to build credibility with franchisees

19 January 2023
Credibility is vital if you want franchisees to listen to what you have to say. These tips were developed... where they workshopped the question "What helps or hinders credibility when meeting people for the first time?"

How to get franchisee buy-in to change

20 December 2022
These tips were collated from discussions by seasoned franchisor executives at FRI's recent Franchisor Executive Forum in Melbourne.

8 strategies to create an optimistic culture

28 October 2022
Greg Nathan's presentation at the Franchisor Executive Forum on How to Create an Optimistic Franchising Culture generated a lot of interest. He shared data from thousands of ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys, which measures the extent to which franchisees are advocates for your franchise...

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