By Amelia Graham posted October 12, 2020

Last week Greg Nathan and the FRI team conducted a Franchisor Excellence Masterclass for 100 C-Level franchisor executives throughout South East Asia. As well the big brands such as McDonald's, 7-Eleven and BNI, leaders of a number of healthy, growing networks participated.  As part of the program, we put the following question to them: "If you were to ask your franchisees what they most want from you now, in order of priority, what do you think they'd say?" You can read their responses below. Based on our research asking franchisees this question directly, we think they are spot on.

Feedback from this program is always outstanding. If you'd like your senior executives to participate in our final Franchisor Excellence Masterclass for the year, you'll find details below.  The format is five interactive virtual sessions run for 2-hours every Friday morning during November. We think this is perfect timing to be supporting you with strategies and best practice tools during this critical rebuilding period.

Meanwhile we wish you all well as you continue to navigate your path forward.

The FRI Team

Here's 10 strategies that franchisors in our recent Franchisor Excellence Masterclass came up with, when asked to reflect in small groups on what their franchisees most want from them at the moment. 

# 1. Help me reduce my business expenses.  This would include negotiating with them or on their behalf with landlords and suppliers to get the best deals.

# 2. Give me training to improve my management skills. While franchisees may be good operators, many need help to develop their leadership and HR skills.

# 3. Show me what KPIs are most important. While sales are easy to track, there are more important KPIs that, if measured, will lead to higher, more profitable sales.

# 4. Give me constructive feedback.  Rather than focusing on what they're doing wrong, franchisees will respond more positively to what they're doing well and how they can improve.

# 5. Tell me the future direction our our group. Franchisees are always keen to hear what you are working on, and the group's goals and plans for the future.

# 6. Give me useful benchmarking data.  Franchisees love to hear how they are tracking against their peers in key performance areas.

# 7. Recognise me for doing the right things. While you could argue it's in a franchisee's interests to follow brand standards, awards and recognition are always appreciated.

# 8. Show me how to attract more customers.  While you may have great local area marketing tools, franchisees often need coaching in how to apply these. You may want to also remind them it costs 8 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.# 9. Give us good management systems.  Any system that improves productivity, or reduces waste and frees up time, will be greatly valued. Just make sure it works!

# 10. Support me if I'm in financial trouble.  Despite their best efforts, some franchisees will find themselves in financial trouble through no fault of their own. Remember franchising is a long-term relationship. Show loyalty to your loyal franchisees, and this is sure to be returned in the future.

What is the hottest issue that's keeping franchisors awake at night? We recently asked 38 franchisor CEOs what their biggest challenge is at the present time. The biggest response was "Instilling confidence in our franchisees." (By the way this will be a major focus in our Franchisor Excellence Masterclass). What percentage of franchisees in Australia operate more than one franchise unit? The number is 33%, up from 23% ten years ago. And we predict this number will grow. Why? Because stronger franchisees will be partnering with or buying out, struggling franchisees who haven't been able to navigate their way through the current maze of business challenges.

In response to your requests for affordable professional development that is suitable for the current times, we have transitioned our popular face-to-face programs into convenient, interactive virtual forums. All participants in our recent virtual programs rated their experience as excellent. Now is the perfect time to book your place in a Workshop suitable for your role. Numbers are limited to maintain quality interaction.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for senior franchisor executives responsible for creating strategy or leading divisional teams, and is built around FRI’s franchising excellence framework. In addition to sharing their own insights and learning from each other, participants are exposed to a suite of evidence-based tools, cutting edge insights and best practice strategies proven to drive healthy, profitable and sustainable networks.

"Having the opportunity to learn new material and be in such a stimulating environment has been really amazing. Thank you!"
Lissa Becker, Pack & Send, #5 in Top 30 Franchise Executives

Price: $495 per person. Discounts apply for bookings of 5 or more people.

Field Managers have a challenging role working with franchisees at the front line of the business. The Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp will give them a boost of inspiration, and equip them with a powerful set of tools and strategies for improving franchisee engagement, profitability and brand alignment. Given the current climate, the Bootcamp particularly focuses on helping field teams navigate the pandemic and support franchisees to recover and, in time, thrive.

"The content and how it was delivered by the FRI team was excellent. It also provided me with the opportunity to meet  people from different organisations and learn their views."
Devesh Hada, Australia Post

Price: $595 per person. Discounts apply for bookings of 5 or more people.

In addition to building on the concepts gained in the Foundation Bootcamp, the Advanced program provides fresh insights into the mechanics behind certain techniques, and introduces participants to new and exciting tools and models to enhance their credibility and effectiveness. Participants must have completed the Foundation program so they have a grounding on the models of which this is based. 

"I loved this Bootcamp, particularly the psychological and financial concepts we covered. I feel refreshed and motivated."
Chris Thorpe, O'Brien Group

Price: $595 per person. Discounts apply for bookings of 5 or more people.

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