Improve Franchisee Satisfaction and the Health of Your Culture

The ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey uses cutting edge business psychology to measure the Advocacy, Commitment, and Engagement of franchisees – factors proven to be the core drivers of franchise success. Results include insights and practical advice from experienced franchising psychologists into how to make positive change across these factors.


  • Builds trust by providing franchisees with a confidential feedback opportunity
  • Supports recruitment via insight into how your franchisees talk about their experience
  • Provides early warning of conflict and an avenue to address specific issues of concern
  • Improves ROI on support services by identifying gaps between importance and effectiveness
  • Delivers constructive feedback to franchisor teams and field consultants on their strengths and how to improve
  • Compare results to current sector benchmarks to monitor and enhance performance
  • Promote your brand with independent, evidence-based research data
  • Minimises risk by providing the Board with data on the health of the franchise network

Answers to 5 common questions about the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey

1. Why is this better than doing our own internal franchisee survey?
Franchisees prefer to complete surveys from an independent third-party. You’ll also save time and gain more useful insights by leaving it to experts who know the right questions to ask, and how to efficiently collect, analyse, and interpret the findings.

2. Can we use an employee survey with our franchisees?
This is not advised. Franchisees have a different mindset to employees so the questions need to be different. Companies that try and adapt employee surveys to franchisees usually end up with confusing results that are not useful.

3. Where did the ACE Survey questions and process come from?
The questions have been researched and tested over many years with thousands of franchisees to ensure they are clear, relevant, and pass rigorous statistical standards.

4. Won’t asking for feedback just stir up problems?
If franchisees are unhappy in certain areas, asking for feedback is more likely to make them feel respected and settle them down. But it is important you provide evidence you’ve listened and are willing to act on any reasonable opportunities for improvement.

5. Will you help us to understand and use the findings?
Absolutely. An important part of the ACE Survey process is debriefing and action planning. We will work with you to ensure you understand your data, and help you turn your insights into practical actions. We will also help you ensure franchisees are involved in the process so this becomes a positive culture building exercise.

To view our privacy policy (follow this link) or to find out more on how to use the ACE Survey to improve franchisee satisfaction and the health of your culture, contact

What Clients Say About FRI’s Franchisee Surveys

"The FRI satisfaction survey has acted as a road map for The Cheesecake Shop. It has allowed the franchisor to identify area of importance for franchisees and develop systems, solutions, and strategies to make their lives easier, more profitable and ultimately happier."

Peter Dable, General Manager Marketing and Operations, The Cheesecake Shop
"“FRI’s survey transparently and professionally captured our issues and the follow up at our conference enabled everyone to buy-in to the process. This has been an amazing breakthrough.”"

Allan Menagh, General Manager, Kumon Singapore
"“Extremely professional and committed to keeping us posted throughout the entire process.”"

Michael Ermer, National Operations Manager, Retail Zoo
"“This was a great way to identify areas we needed to improve on and share this in a positive way with our franchisees. It also gave us great stats to share with potential franchisees.”"

Maree Magdas, Corporate Marketing Manager, Just Cuts
"“The FRI team understood our business and what we wanted from a franchisee satisfaction survey. Their ability to take an independent view and provide a balanced approach was appreciated.”"

Marie Pitton, General Manager, Human Resources, Mortgage Choice
"“The information from the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey been very insightful and will help guide our strategic decisions and initiatives for the future. We will continue to use this survey to increase the success of our network.”"

Shelly Nikolou, Vice-President of Global Partnerships, Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City).
"“This survey process will help us improve our effectiveness as a franchisor. FRI have great experience with franchising and are extremely good at interpreting the results.”"

Andy Lucas, Director, The Coffee Club New Zealand
"“I strongly recommend FRI’s survey as they have proven expertise in franchise relationships. The feedback and application has benefited our business and given a positive return on investment.”"

Dean Franks, National Franchise Manager, Salon Express

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