By Greg Nathan posted January 19, 2023

Credibility is vital if you want franchisees to listen to what you have to say. These tips were developed by members of the UK Specsavers retail support team in an Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp, where they workshopped the question "What helps or hinders credibility when meeting people for the first time?" It's a fantastic checklist to assess yourself against.

Behaviours that build credibility

#1: Deliver on your commitments promptly.

#2: Fix mistakes or problems quickly. 

#3: Be fair and consistent in your dealings. 

#4: Share some personal information about yourself. 

#5: Find out what you need to know and be well prepared. 

#6: Stand or sit up straight, and speak clearly and positively. 

#7: Name important but uncomfortable truths in a tactful manner. 

#8: Share real examples based on your own experiences. 

#9: Communicate your expectations of others clearly. 

#10: Show a genuine interest and give others your full attention. 

#11: Be open-minded and don’t judge others. 

#12: Stay calm and composed in how you respond to criticism. 

#13: Back up suggestions with evidence and facts. 

#14: Show you understand others by paraphrasing their remarks.

Behaviours that undermine credibility

#1: Boasting about your achievements or being a know-all.

#2: Talking too much about yourself. 

#3: Leaning on excuses such as “I am new”.

#4: Blaming others or trying to cover up mistakes. 

#5: Avoiding or skirting issues that are uncomfortable. 

#6: Being inarticulate, unclear or mumbling. 

#7: Being unfairly critical or gossiping about others. 

#8: Showing a lack of interest in what’s going on. 

#9: Being unprepared or not doing your homework. 

#10: Saying things that you don’t properly understand or believe. 

#11: Jumping to conclusions or making decisions without all the facts. 

#12: Not following through on commitments. 

#13: Contradicting others with opinions that are not based on fact. 

#14: Being blasé, overly casual, or not taking things seriously.

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