By Greg Nathan posted June 16, 2023

"Don't go changing...I want you just the way you are." So sang Billy Joel in the 1970s. Not so in the 2020s! In a keynote address to Australia's National Franchise Convention, Greg Nathan spoke about the change compression today that's creating so much angst for franchisors and franchisees.

"While we used to see franchise networks undergoing significant systemic change every 5 to 7 years, it's now every 9 months", he observed. "And these changes are increasingly overlapping. Little wonder we're so stressed and tired."

Greg then explained our new FRANCHISE Change Model, which consists of 9 evidence-based principles to get franchisee buy-in to new initiatives. 

New FRANCHISE Change Model to help franchisors and franchisees cope with change compression

We're excited to share below the nine principles that form FRI's new FRANCHISE Change Model. Greg Nathan launched the model at the recent FCA Convention, and has since been sharing it with selected franchisor teams. Greg says the principles are based on solid psychological science and rigorous field research, and have been carefully crafted so they can be used by franchisors to guide the successful implementation of change.

Fairness: Can you logically demonstrate to franchisees that the change is fair and reasonable, and is not biased in favour of one party over another?

Respect: How will you ensure franchisees feel their experience and status as strategic partners is respected and valued?

Acknowledgement: Have you named the main concerns of franchisees so they feel their issues are understood?

Non-defensiveness: Has your management team embraced a growth mindset that enables them to genuinely stay open to franchisee feedback, and admit to mistakes?

Connection: Have you identified shared interests with franchisees, and articulated these to maintain a sense of unity and purpose? (Hint: These should include looking after customers, protecting the brand and staying ahead of competitors).

Helpfulness: Once they are onboard, have you developed the practical support, guidance and training that will enable franchisees to successfully implement the initiative?

Involvement: Have you created opportunities for franchisees to contribute and feel part of the process so they have a sense of autonomy, ownership and control?

Stakeholders: Have you identified and sought the input of sub-groups who will be affected for better or worse by the initiative, or can help it succeed?

Evidence: Have you pilot-tested and collected data on the success of the initiative, and are you able to explain the personal and business benefits to franchisees?

In case you hadn't noticed, these nine principles spell FRANCHISE. If you'd like Greg to run a session on the tools, techniques and processes behind each of the FRANCHISE Change Model principles please get in touch.

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