By Greg Nathan posted May 30, 2024

Measuring the effectiveness of training is always a challenge. Participant satisfaction is better than nothing but it doesn’t measure changes in behaviour or performance.

While FRI’s Field Manager Bootcamps achieve participant satisfaction ratings of over 90%, we now also have data on their effectiveness. Here's what we looked at.

Many franchisors use the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey to assess the value of their services to franchisees. The most expensive service is often field support, so the ACE Survey asks franchisees to assess their Field Manager on 12 specific capabilities known to add value. These include how well they help the franchisee to set meaningful goals, share ideas to improve performance, show appropriate emotional support, and analyse metrics to improve profitability.

We recently looked at before and after franchisee feedback on Field Managers from eight brands or groups who attended an FRI Field Manager Bootcamp. Ratings after training showed an increase of 10% in relationship capabilities and 13% in business capabilities, averaging 11.5%.

While our research has always shown that franchisees appreciate visits from their Field Managers, these findings show how our Bootcamps can also improve their effectiveness.

Watch this space for exciting future tools and processes we've been working on to continue to improve field manager and franchisee capability.

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