By Katrina Vo posted February 28, 2022

One of a franchisor's most important responsibilities is to deliver useful and relevant support to their franchisees, particularly in times of crisis. Unfortunately mother nature continues to test us. Recent floods in Queensland and Northern NSW will once again require franchisors and franchisees to reach out to people who have suffered loss or trauma. With this in mind we have updated our Franchisee Crisis Support Kit, designed to assist franchisors and others wanting to help franchisees and families that have been impacted.

The Kit contains tips, strategies and practical guidelines for providing business and emotional support. You will find tips and advice, based on psychological research, on the best ways to help people affected by traumatic events, and also things to avoid.

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected.

Additional Support Services

We have a number of services that can assist franchisors to build better relationships across your network. We also have several programs that train franchisor teams in important psychological skills for supporting franchisees.

Our Culture of Franchising Workshop is designed to equip participants with an understanding of what franchisees need, and how to deliver this in an effective, empathetic manner. 

We can also deliver interactive presentations on the Psychology of Positive Mental Health and Resilience, on how to keep your work and home relationships healthy; how to maintain calm with high levels of well-being under pressure; and how to keep yourself and those you lead feeling optimistic about the future.

Our Foundation Field Manager Bootcamps and Advanced Field Manager Bootcamps are designed to give participants a boost of confidence, clarity and inspiration to reignite their passion for their role as well as equipping them with a powerful set of tools and strategies for improving franchisee engagement, profitability and brand alignment.

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