Field Manager Bootcamp (Advanced) | May 2024

Date and Time

9:00 am to 11:00 am AEST (Australian time)

5 Sessions: May 28, 30, June 5, 7 & 12


Greg Nathan




$600 AUD

The Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp is a practical experiential professional development program that equips field managers with high-level knowledge, skills and strategies to build credibility, trust and commitment with experienced franchisees. Participants must have completed the Foundation program so they have a grounding in the models on which this course is based.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for field managers looking to build upon the tools and skills they acquired during the Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp program.

Why attend?

At FRI we regard field management as a profession, and as such, field managers need to undergo ongoing professional development to keep their skills sharp so they can support franchisees at a higher level. In addition to building on the concepts gained in the Foundation Bootcamp, the advanced program provides fresh insights into the mechanics behind certain techniques and introduces participants to new and exciting tools and models to enhance their credibility and effectiveness.

How it is conducted?

The Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp is conveniently conducted using the Zoom platform over five separate two-hour sessions, spread over two weeks. Participants are expected to engage fully in all sessions with their camera and microphone on. There are also some personal reflection exercises to be completed between sessions. Sessions include a presentation of concepts and breakout discussion groups. Discussion notes are often circulated back to participants who are also encouraged to maintain an action learning plan that captures key insights and commitments. Places are limited to maintain an interactive, high-quality learning environment.

What will you learn?

Participants in the Advanced Bootcamp learn the following:

  • Dig deeper into familiar models so you understand the mechanisms behind how they work
  • Introduce new concepts and help you identify how to use these to improve your effectiveness
  • Help you to understand how the models fit together and integrate them into your own practice
  • Review important concepts to help you drive the profitability and sales of your franchisees
  • Create opportunities where you can share your experiences and insights with your peers
  • Encourage you to revisit existing goals and set further meaningful goals and action plans
  • Keep the learning process challenging, engaging and enjoyable.
The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 320 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.

Who leads the program?

The program is led by Greg Nathan, Founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute.

Program Learning Resources:

Resources: As part of the program participants receive:

  • A copy of the Franchise Relationships Book of Tips ebook
  • A Learning Journal for recording notes, which also contains models, reference materials and additional resources.

To keep the learning alive and maximise retention, participants will be asked to complete a small amount of pre-reading between sessions.

Are you a supplier?

FRI events have been developed for current members of franchisor teams and we reserve our right to limit places to these people. We do provide the opportunity for suppliers of the franchising sector to participate through program partnerships. If this is of interest, please get in touch.


  • Taking Profitable Partnerships to a New Level :
    • The neuroscience of the psychological contract with franchisees
    • Supporting franchisees on their business and emotional journey
    • Applying the Wheels of Excellence in action
  • The CORE Mastery Model :
    • Self-awareness techniques to enhance personal performance
    • Situational awareness techniques to enhance effective decision making
    • Applying appropriate strategies for maximum impact
  • The 10 Habits of Effective Field Managers :
    • The genesis of the 10 habits and how they drive excellence
    • Techniques for strengthening the habits
    • Applying the habits in action
  • Advanced Coaching Methods :
    • Developing the qualities of an effective coach
    • When and how to use coaching for maximum impact
    • Application of coaching techniques and strategies
  • Being a Business Consultant :
    • Understanding the critical numbers and ratios
    • Business case study — analysis and action planning
    • Supporting franchisees to drive profitability and cash flow
  • Maximising Marketing Impact :
    • Understanding critical marketing principles and metrics
    • How to maximise your impact on local franchisee marketing
    • Gaining franchisee commitment to locally invest in LAM
  • Facilitation Techniques :
    • Strategies to improve face to face and online meetings
    • Preparing for difficult group meetings
    • Eight principles for effective facilitation
  • Dealing with Challenging Franchisees and Situations :
    • Case studies on challenging scenarios
    • Strategies and techniques for managing difficult franchisees
    • Working with emotionally charged situations
  • Action Planning :
    • Review of learning
    • Prioritising learning goals
    • Development of learning action plan

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