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Profitable Partnerships7th Edition

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Profitable Partnerships Cover

“We now give our new franchisees a copy of your book on the first morning of their residential induction. Thanks.”

John O’Brien, Managing Director, Poolwerx
Chairman, Franchise Council of Australia


Now in its Seventh Edition.

186 pages jam packed with useful information.

Quality softcover edition.

Acclaimed by franchise consultants and leading franchise companies around the world.

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Get your own copy of the world’s most popular book on how to maintain positive franchise relationships.

Profitable Partnerships is a “must read” for potential franchisees, existing franchisees and franchisor executives. It is written by Australian psychologist, Greg Nathan, who is regarded as a foremost international expert on the people issues in franchising.

The book is literally brimming full of practical ideas, checklists and inspirational stories to help you secure a bright future in the dynamic franchising industry.

Many leading franchise companies insist their franchisees read this book as part of their initial induction and training.

What People Say About Profitable Partnerships

“The principles and tools in Profitable Partnerships have been instrumental to our company growing profitably. Greg Nathan explains clearly how to increase franchisee satisfaction and get the franchisee and franchisor team working together in the best interest of the brand and consumer. Our executive team have used Profitable Partnerships as a study guide and our franchisee community used it for one of our 2014 quarterly book club meetings. I highly recommend this book for all franchisees and franchisor executives.”

Andy Paul, CEO, HandyPro (Ranked #1 in 2015 and 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine)

“An exceptional contribution to the franchising literature. Greg Nathan is the master of the dynamics of the franchise relationship, which lies at the core of successful franchising.”

Professor Andrew Terry, Centre for Franchise Studies, University of New South Wales

“Profitable Partnerships is excellent. It is the most jargon-free business book I have read for ages.”

Phil Ruthven, Chairman, IBIS Business Information

“When I first read this book several years ago I was inspired. I have since bought a copy for every one of our Snap-on franchisees and managers around the world. This book has the power to change franchise relationships.”

Barrie Young, President, Sales and Franchising, Snap-on Tools

“Although I have been in franchising for some time, I can genuinely say that every chapter in this book has taught me something new.”

Tim Hantke, Director, Franchise Solutions and ex-CEO, Snap Franchising

“A wonderful book. I have made it mandatory reading for our field personnel. It is the best summary of franchising relationships I have read in 26 years of franchising.”

Geoff Davis, Founder, Wendy’s Supa Sundaes

“Profitable Partnerships is great! I recommend it to everyone who may have an interest in franchising.”

Marcelo Cherto, President, Brazilian Franchising Institute

“Anyone who is involved in franchising, or is considering involvement, should read and absorb the contents of Greg’s book. Simple, succinct communication means that the message is often quickly absorbed and not lost in complexities. If all organisations adopted his philosophies and business practices, they would eliminate the lost time and lost energy often expended on conflicts and disputes.”

Kathryn Paget, Franchisee, RetireInvest and past FCA Franchisee of the Year

“Profitable Parterships is an outstanding book full of information vital to business and personal success. Greg Nathan is a gifted writer who never wastes a word, gives excellent examples, combines humour with advice that is always focused on the key issues. This book should become your business and relationship bible.”

Jack Collis, author of ‘Yes You Can’ and ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’

“An excellent book. You are quite frankly the best in your field.”

David Acheson, Ex-Chairman, British Franchise Association

“I wish I read it earlier as I enjoyed it immensely and it just made so much sense and put things into perspective for me.”

Rose Siva, Director, Improved Communication Skills

“Have read your book Profitable Partnerships and as a former multi store owner with Subway and now a development agent for Souvlakihut everything in the book l can relate to. It was an amazing read and should be compulsory for all franchisees and franchisors and development agents to read.”

Harry Phillipou, Area Development Agent, Souvlakihut

“What a terrific read Profitable Partnerships is.”

George Yammouni, Managing Director, BathroomWorks

“Of tremendous benefit to both franchisors and franchisees. Practical, user friendly and obviously based on years of hands on experience. I love the summaries and action tips at the end of each chapter. I only wish I had some of these insights in my early days as a franchisor. Life would have been a little easier.”

Eric Morgan, Director, Franchise Developments

“I have enjoyed reading “Profitable Partnerships” and truly believe it is THE brilliant and reader-friendly book in the franchise industry. I am the project and relationship manager at a food retail franchise company and we provide each new franchisee with a copy as part of our Welcome Pack as we believe it is a must-read book for them.”

Bonnie Lifang Xi

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