We're MAD using Clinics, Round Tables and a Banjo

MAD stands for Making a Difference and it’s one of our core values. So our Chairman, Greg Nathan, was thrilled to be invited for the fourth time to conduct the full day Franchise Relations Clinic at the front end of this year’s IFA Convention at Las Vegas. Greg also facilitated a round table on Implementing Change, spoke in a seminar on Franchisee Engagement organised by the IFA’s Franchise Relations Committee, and played the banjo at the traditional Australian-USA dinner organised by Rupert Barkoff from Kilpatrick Townsend.

Over 40 Australian franchisors and advisors also attended the Convention, the largest delegation ever.

The Franchise Relations Clinic is part of the ICFE education program. Greg uses the clinic to teach the skills and principles of how to create a healthy franchising culture. Head of the ICFE, John Reynolds, says the Franchise Relations Clinic is one of their most popular programs.

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