Meeting the Needs of Three Distinct Groups

We understand that franchisor teams have different learning needs depending on their role. So, rather than taking a one size fits all approach, our franchisor professional development programs are tailored to the needs of the following three groups:

  • Senior Executives responsible for creating strategy or leading divisional teams. (See Franchisor Excellence Masterclass).
  • Support Office Staff who interact with franchisees as part of their work. (See Culture of Franchising Workshop).
  • Field Managers who support franchisees to improve their businesses. (See Field Manager Bootcamps).

See Coming Events and Dates below to find the programs that best suit your needs.

Now in Interactive Virtual Formats

For the present time, we have transitioned our popular face-to-face professional development programs into dynamic Virtual Forums delivered in convenient chunks, where everyone stays fully engaged. These maintain the high level of interaction participants have come to expect from our programs, as well as being time efficient and cost effective. A recent survey of participants from our virtual sessions revealed that 97% were satisfied with their experience, and 95% felt that the process and the use of technology delivered a good to excellent return on their time and money.

To keep the learning alive, all FRI’s professional development sessions include dynamic small group discussions, as well as being:

  • Full of useful content from the latest business psychology and franchising research
  • Delivered by credible facilitators with a depth of real-world franchising experience
  • Highly interactive with the opportunity to discuss actual challenges
  • Practical and relevant to the hot issues facing franchisors

Select the Right Type of Delivery for Your Team

FRI’s professional development programs can be delivered in several ways, enabling franchisors to choose the one that best fits the needs of their business.

Public Programs: These are a cost-effective option that enables you to register specific team members for the most suitable program. An added benefit of this option is the opportunity they have to share ideas with peers from other brands.

Internal Programs: This suits franchisors wanting to have their teams trained together as a group. The benefit of an internal program is it enables us to customise the content around the needs of your business, and it ensures everyone is exposed to the same material at the same time. Depending on the physical location of your team and legislative restrictions, we may be able to offer these as face to face programs, however we can deliver these successfully in a virtual format.

This virtual Masterclass is for senior franchisor executives and is based on FRI’s famous Franchisor Wheel of Excellence, developed from research into the strategies consistently practised by our most successful clients.

Through five 90-minute sessions you will learn the best practice franchising strategies that drive healthy, profitable and sustainable franchise networks. Plus you’ll be given access to FRI’s Franchisor Leadership Diagnostic enabling you to objectively assess the current health of your franchise network.

This virtual workshop is for all franchisor employees who interact with franchisees as part of their work.

By participating in these two highly interactive two-hour sessions, your team will gain an in-depth understanding of the franchisee journey, what makes franchisees mad and glad, and how to provide effective, empathetic support – particularly vital at this time.

Plus participants complete their own personal ACE Franchising Culture Diagnostic enabling them to identify vital behaviours they are strong in or need to develop further.

This popular Bootcamp equips field consultants with essential techniques to improve their confidence, effectiveness and the value they add to franchisees.

Through five highly interactive two-hour sessions participants learn a range of coaching and communication techniques for building credibility, getting franchisee buy-in to change and becoming a trusted adviser that truly makes a difference to the success of franchisees.

In addition to receiving valuable tools and resource materials, participants complete a personal Field Manager Diagnostic enabling them to identify vital behaviours they are strong in or need to develop further.

"The Franchisor Excellence Masterclass was an absolutely fantastic program. Exceeded all my expectations."

Bianca Panozza, Chief Operating Officer, Salon Express
"The Culture of Franchise Workshop was practical, grounded and valuable. Our team got a lot out of it."

Antony Moore, General Manager Lotteries Retail, Tabcorp
"The positive impact of the Field Manager Bootcamp on our entire retail support team has been huge!"

Craig McGregor, Retail Director, Specsavers, United Kingdom
"Without exception every FRI session delivers the latest insights and great practical tips to drive superior franchisor performance."

Darryn McAuliffe, CEO, FRANdata
"FRI’s professional development programs are informative, interactive, practical and enlightening. "

Claire Lauber, Managing Director, Boost Juice
"The Franchisor Excellence Masterclass content and agenda was brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it and took so much information away."
Geoff Hargreaves, Franchise Development Manager, InExpress

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