Helping Franchisees Through Crisis

Stepping Up In Times Of Need

One of a franchisors most important responsibilities is to deliver useful and relevant support to their franchisees. Great franchisors understand that in difficult times they need to be out there, standing by their franchisees and their families.

Similarly in times of trouble, franchise systems with healthy cultures will quickly mobilise themselves into action with franchisees providing practical and moral support to their colleagues.

With any crisis, it is only natural that franchisors and franchisees will want to reach out to people who have suffered loss or trauma. With this in mind we have put together this Franchisee Disaster Recovery Kit, in downloadable PDF format, to assist franchisors and others wanting to help franchisees and families who have been affected.


Greg Nathan speaks with Carmel Hill a psychologist who specialises in helping people affected by trauma.

Contents of the Franchisee Disaster Recovery Kit

Two types of support will be needed — business and emotional. The Kit contains practical guidelines on how franchisors can support affected franchisees in both these important areas.

Business support will be needed to assist franchisees assess their current situation and create a plan of action to minimise the commercial damage to their business. The Kit includes business tips on where to focus and what franchisors and franchisees can do.

Emotional support is just as important. The Kit contains tips and advice, based on psychological research, on the best ways to help people affected by traumatic events, and also things to avoid.

If there is anything else you believe the team at the Franchise Relationships Institute can do to help please contact us at

Comments From Readers

Sue Ball. Harvey World Travel commented:
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This document has answered so many questions. I am very grateful to you for sharing this wisdom.
Jenni Sullivan, Premier One Training commented:
Brilliant many thanks!
Lorraine Boswell, Group Human Resources Manager, Red Rooster commented:
Fantastic. This is so useful. Our franchisees have been impacted quite considerably!
Chris Taylor, Aussie Pooch Mobile commented:
Thank you for the information you are providing. Our team uses this information regularly and it is really appreciated.
Sophie Wong, Chemmart commented:
Thank you for the support kit. I have downloaded the kit and sent it to my colleagues as I am sure they will find it beneficial.
Lyn Sargent commented:
Your Support Kit is fantastic! Keep up the great work.
Grant Garraway, The Franchise Shop commented:
Timely relevant effort. I am sure you guide will help many.
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