By Terri Benson posted May 13, 2022

A taste of what you'll learn in the Culture of Franchising workshop

These 7 tips come from the session on creating an ACE Mindset, part of our Culture of Franchising Workshop. The ACE Mindset is where franchisees are Advocates for your franchise, Committed to investing back into their business, and Engaged in supporting your strategies. Our research shows that helping them to have a positive lifestyle, cultivates the ACE Mindset.

# 1. Provide training to help franchisees develop a competent and motivated team. A stronger team means less stress on them with more time to work ON their business.

# 2. Have an annual discussion about what’s important to each franchisee and their reason for being in business. Encourage them to stay connected to this purpose.

# 3. Ensure they are having at least one clear day off a week to spend with family and doing the things they enjoy.

# 4. Facilitate small group meetings of franchisees where they can share their challenges and provide mutual support.

# 5. Encourage them to put in place systems for all aspects of the business. This will enable them to take time off with peace of mind that things will run to a routine.

# 6. Remind them to show gratitude to their family for the important support they provide. Positive family support is one of the most powerful buffers to stress.

# 7. At conferences and meetings, include speakers that address the psychology of personal health, resilience and well-being.

Seats are limited, so if you'd like to send your team, please register here.

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