The Franchise E-Factor

Fourth Edition
By Greg Nathan
Number of pages: 96

$40.00 AUD (GST included)

5 Reviews

The Franchise E-Factor Model has helped thousands of franchisors, franchisees and franchise advisers around the globe to better understand why franchise relationships inevitably become strained.

In this new book, developer of the Franchise E-Factor, Greg Nathan, provides franchisors with over 130 practical strategies for moving franchisees through the six stages of the Franchise E-Factor into the interdependent “We” Stage.

Perfect for franchise executives to carry with them while travelling for ideas and inspiration.

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  • Written specifically for franchisor executives.
  • 96 pages quality softcover edition.
  • Contains cartoons and illustrations of the Franchise E-Factor stages.

5 reviews for The Franchise E-Factor

  1. “The Franchise E-Factor is concrete, easy to read — and funny. It is full of real life experiences with franchisors and franchisees. This is definitely a must read for anyone involved in building a franchise.” (see full book review)

    Katryn Harris, CEO, Open Box Integration

  2. “The Franchise E-Factor is a small book with a powerful message. Greg Nathan offers practical advice to franchisors on building good relationships and what to do when you encounter franchisee attitudes that are quite different (perhaps opposed) to yours. Each chapter provides helpful examples and illustrations, and a list of practical Action Tips that can be applied by the reader, as appropriate. Adopt these tips and you will find that your franchise relationships improve, and your business will grow over time.”

    Rob McComb, Managing Director, Macquarie Franchise Systems

  3. “Greg Nathan translates pointy-headed organization psychological theory into excellent commercial practice. Whilst this book develops strategies for the franchisor to move the relationship with their franchisees along to the ultimate mature ‘We’ stage, it is also very worthwhile reading for franchisees.”

    Chris Bothams, Franchise Council of Australia, National Franchisee of the Year.

  4. “The book packs a powerful punch. Without a doubt EVERY franchisor executive should read it. Since we can’t have you on hand to speak to each time we need a coach for a challenging situation, this is the next best thing — maybe even better, if you apply the ‘teach a man to fish’ philosophy.”

    Kate Groom, General Manager, Signwave

  5. “Keep this book on your desk read it and re-read. As a franchisor you will sleep better and have less aggravation in your life. It is truly a profound how to do it book.”

    Paul Bardwell, Chairman, Lenards

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